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Other than the mere transfer of knowledge the transfer of values and social competences should also play an important role in our educational system. This should include practicing abilities like, for example, accepting criticism, being sensitive and creative as well as the so called secondary virtues such as reliability, discipline, respect for and devotion to the people around you.

The present project proposal VALED intends to tackle the following questions: do people need values in order to master the processes of change in a global world? What values do we need nowadays and in what way will these values change?

An individualís values and value attitudes change in the course of life, even though certain stances on value are determined during the process of growing up. Hence, it is only to a limited extent that the forming and change of values and value attitudes are connected to graduation from school. Does adult education, too, see itself facing this process of value orientation and transfer? How can the significance and transfer of values in adult education be justified? How can this be put into practice and how is it already being realised in current practice?

This project VALED aims to ascertain the extent to which value orientation and transfer are taking place in adult education in the European context. From there on, an exchange on the different conceptions of values in education and their realisation will lead to a common European conception of values in adult education and an attempt will be made to develop ideas for a didactic concept of value orientation and transfer to be used for training in adult education.


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